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Tutorial 2: Changing the Articles Quantity

There are three ways to change the articles quantity:

Way 1

Way 2

Way 3

Way 1:

1) Open the “Articles” –> “Journal” tab.

2) Select your “YOUR item”.

3) In the opened window, in the tab “General”, in the area “Stock” click the button you need: “add”, “delete”, “edit”.


Way 2:

1) Open the “Sale” –> “Orders” tab.

2) Click “Create”.

3) In the window that will open fill in all the necessary fields. In the area “Articles” click “plus”. Select the item from the list. Change the articles quantity to the quantity you need. Click “Save”.


Note: As soon as the Articles are added to the order and the order is saved the quantity of articles in stock does not change automatically. Their quantity is only updated after clicking “Dispatch items”. Meanwhile the articles will be marked in the order as received.


Way 3:

There is also the option of changing the articles quantity directly in stock in the context of their storage place. To do it:

1) Open the “Stock” tab.

2) Select the area you need.

3) Select your “YOUR item”.

4) Click the button you need: “add”, “delete”, “edit”.

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