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Today the computer has become an integral part of our daily life. Considering the needs of modern man, we have developed a number of useful, and most importantly, easy programs. Our programs will help your to advance work in a particular area.

To install the program, you don´t require special knowledge. All our programs are easy to install and easy to use. Each of them is accompanied by screenshots to help and facilitate it´s usage.

You run a business and are thinking about automating certain processes in the enterprise? You keep accounting or household and strictly follow the budget? You are a connoisseur of music, movies and books? Our programs - this is what you need! They are for everyone! We shall tell you about our useful software products, updates, how to implement them, how to use them effectively to increase the efficiency of your business.

The program "Stock accounting for store and warehouse"

The program "Stock accounting for store and warehouse" will quickly and easily keep track of your range of products, manage inventory and orders. The program provides an easy way to add and view suppliers. In addition to basic information each supplier may have tax number, contact information, notes, photos and other details. It is also possible to sort suppliers to various groups and add thereto a status. All of these features are also available for the clients catalogue. Thus, you will always have at hand a complete catalogue of suppliers and customers.

Our product is characterized by easy creation of your own bills or invoices. You can also use templates - for this you need only to enter your data. Thus, the creation of bills, invoices and other documents will be made in a couple of clicks.

Using a variety of options for a general review, the program displays the contents of your warehouse by category or status. Likewise, a full review of deliveries and orders is also possible. In addition, all this can be represented as a graph for the required period of time. At the same time, you can save, if you want, a list of products in PDF format or export to CSV.

The program "Household budget"

The "Household budget" provides a complete record keeping your home accounting, clearly follow the family budget and optimize expenses. You will know the exact amount of finance that you spend, get, put off. All income and expenses are divided into categories, which is convenient for viewing. This may be the cost of a household, food, parking tickets, insurance and much more - all clearly displayed in the program. Your regular payments can be added there with monthly or yearly intervals. A function "unnecessary payment" marks quickly and easily the expenses that you would like to avoid in the future.

Thanks to the various accounts, it is possible to divide payment and receipt of money in cash and card. The program has built-in import function, to import data from other programs. This function simplifies data collection.

Using the program "Household budget", you can save not only the family budget, but also the time - the program will perform all calculations for you. And thanks to the various filters, you will see your financial situation in detail, which will help you to optimize your expenses.

The program "Invoice creator"

The program “Invoice creator” helps you to issue invoices and keep their accounting. In addition to creating of standard documents such as quotations, orders, order confirmations, letters, memos, invoices, you can also create and add your own types of documents. To do this you need only to specify the recipient data, as well as goods or services - and your document is ready to print. The program allows you to change easily the layout of the document, create lists of goods and services, copy the account and consider the expenses.

The program "Accounting of books, CDs and other collections"

The program "Accounting of books, CDs and other collections" is a simple way to maintain a database of your books, CDs, albums and other items. Range of collections can be varied. The program allows you to enter for each subject many characteristics, such as publishing, ISBN code for books or the size and duration of the CD.

One of the useful functions - control the location of items. Each of them can be placed in a certain building, room, box and so on. Thus, you do not need more to look over all the folders manually. Now you will not lose it in your computer and can easily find a certain item with the help of the program "Accounting of books, CDs and other collections".

With the purchase of this product you will get a complete overview of your items. In addition, our product provides excellent support in backing up any collections.

The program "Hotelmanagement"

The program "Hotelmanagement" will optimize and simplify your work in the hospitality industry. And no matter what type of hotel you manage - small guest house or a huge hotel complex. Our product allows you to manage the presence of free hotel rooms, keep track of your reservation, the customer database. With it you can also issue invoices for accommodation and additional services, such as parking, breakfast or travel fees.

The program has a convenient graphical display: a graphical representation of all the rooms, as well as viewing of all bookings in a table are possible. The function of categorization of rooms empowers property of management. It allows you to divide all the rooms into different categories. Each room corresponds to one category. The program has several categories by default. Also, you can quickly and easily define and add your own categories of rooms.

Great opportunities offers a guests catalogue. If one guest was once added to the catalogue, it will be stored in the system, and the next time it will be possible simply to select it from a list of guests. The next entry of the same guest hardly takes any time.

The program may maintain a flexible pricing policy. You yourself can change the price and tariffs as you like. The hotel manager can easy see the status of the hotel. Booking status can be distinguished by colour. Thus, an overview of reserved, free and occupied rooms is available. You can also easily visually give rooms to guests and assign to the reservations corresponding numbers. The program can monitor the cleaning of rooms. So, a cleaning status will be automatically changed, when leaving the guest room.

The program "Goods rental system"

The program "Goods rental system" simplifies and accelerates the leasing process. It allows you to keep track of rent of any goods - from clothes and equipment to real estate. The use of this program is very simple. It´s graphic design is very convenient, which makes the work with the program easy for a user of any level. The program provides also a colour display of all the items in the system. When and what items were reserved, rented or not paid? View the data is conveniently with the aid of a graphical representation of reservations. A table view can be selected as well. You can also see and technical condition of a product. "Rented," "returned", "reserved" - these and other state titles can be easily changed. You can also quickly search by product or client.


By creating our programs we pursued primarily aim to allow each user to apply our program easily to simplify and accelerate the work in a particular field of activity.

We offer you our services for the development of your individual software. If you have ultimate ideas and interest - contact us!

We hope that you will appreciate our product.

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