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This is a very simple and user-friendly program for creating and conducting tests and analyzing test results.

Operating Principle

The user with the role “Administrator” creates the “Task catalogue”. Each task catalogue is a kind of test register. The administrator can add test questions to the task catalogue.

When adding questions to the task catalogue, it is necessary to specify the answer type and add correct and wrong answers. Questions can also be imported from a text file in the CSV format.

After the task catalogue is formed, you can create a test with questions. To do this, you should enter the tab “All tests” and call the dialog for adding new tests. There you should specify the default task catalogue (from which the questions will be taken) and the list of examinees, the users who will take the test. For every indicated examinee there will be created a test.

As soon as tests are formed, they may be published and will become available for examinees. The examinees may open their tests and answer the questions, after which they will have to complete the test.

Upon test completion, the administrator can check it. If the test contains free-answer questions, the administrator can indicate the correctness of the answers. The administrator can also leave comments, both to every task or to the whole test.

When the tests are checked, the examinees can see the results.

Test Tasks

The program lets you create an unlimited number of tasks. Every task can have:

- “type” (specified by the user),

- “difficulty” (based on 10-point scale),

- “weight” (in case an answer is partially correct, it is possible to indicate to what extent it was correct, for instance, 0.5 of 1.0).

The task also contains the text of a question and the type of answers.

Answer Types

The program involves the following answer types:

- single-choice answer;

- multiple-choice answer;

- text answer;

- number;

- free answer (in this case the correctness will be evaluated by human).

Test Questions Importing

If you have ready questions for testing, it is possible to import them to the program. The file to be imported must be in the CSV format.

Test Strategies

The program allows for usage of different variants for test creation. For instance, you can add all tasks from the task catalogue or use a specific strategy of test creation. For example, you can create a step-by-step specification indicating the criteria for question adding. In this case, there can be created tests with different questions for different examinees.

Testing Statistics

The program features statistics of different types. It lets the user to see the quantity of completed test for different periods. If you indicate the question number, you can see what grades were given for this question in a specific period of time.

Multiuser Program Principle

This program supports user identification. Each program user has its own login and password. All data changes are logged automatically by the program. The program allows you to track which user has added or changed the data. This logs the date and time of the changes, as well as full information about what has been changed.

The program can work with the local database, as well as with MySql central database. In the latter case several users can work with the program at the same time. When one user edits one object, it becomes available to other users in read-only mode.

Program Improvement According to Your Needs

The program works on the basis of the Temia Business Template (Java) developed component that provides reliable work of the program, and also enables to quickly modify the program under necessary users requirements without the heavy expenses. If you contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a program improvement estimate according to your needs.

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