COVID-19 Test Manager

Platform: Windows
Link: Download DEMO-Version (Use free for 30 days)
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This program is intended to keep records of COVID-19 testing data. The program is ideal for any institution, enterprise and company.

Employees and test-takers

To get started with the program, you add your own employees or external test-takers. At the same time, you can enter any additional information, for example: full name, contact details, company, department, employee number, and any other information.

An important function of the program is to import employees and test-takers from any test format. Importing data about employees and test-takers into the program will significantly speed up the start of work.

Sign up for testing

Then you can add test entries. Each test entry has a date, time, and status. The status can be reserved, in process, positive result, negative result.

Also, the test entry may contain detailed information about the test: data about a test-taker, questionnaire about possible contact with an infected person, information about the place of testing, data about the testing staff, test type and test number. You can also add your own notes and comments. The program has a separate tab where you can save a detailed text description.


All entries are displayed in the journal. There is a powerful filter for a quick search. So, for example, you can show all the entries for a certain period or day, filter the list by test results, and also show all the tests of one employee or a selected department of employees.

The test journal can be dynamically customized to suit your needs. You can add columns, swap them, and change the sorting.


For convenient operation, the program has a calendar that displays test entries. It can be displayed both for one day and for several days.

Program settings

The program interface is very user-friendly, which makes it possible to use the program without any computer skills. Numerous settings are available in the program, which allows you to adapt the program for convenient operation. All types of tables in the program can be customized. The user determines the displayed columns, their width, the type of sorting that should be used when viewing.

Detailed statistics

The program allows you to view detailed statistics about the tests performed for any term of time in the form of charts and graphs.

Additional features

The program supports printing labels that contain brief testing information. Also, for each test, the program generates a PDF document that contains all the information about the test performed.

The program has a data backup function. All program tables can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of users. All logs, lists, tables, and graphs for any term of time can be printed, exported in CSV format, and saved as PDF.


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