Collections Manager

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The program is intended for library accounting. It can apply to any articles, such as books, CDs, coins, stamps, and so on. The type of article (book, coin, etc.) can be specified by the user.

Working with inventory items

Depending on article type, it is possible to add different information about it. Each article can be assigned a category and subcategory (which can be specified by the user). If the article has the author, the user can indicate them. Then, upon entering the tab with authors and selecting one of them, the user will be shown a list of articles having this author. In addition to the author, you can add other people, specifying their roles in relation to the article. The user can determine a list of possible roles. Similarly, all the articles connected with a specific person can be displayed in a separate list.

Alongside with the general data, the program allows for saving numerous properties of the articles, for instance, ISBN, publishing company, dimensions, formats, marketing data, and provides additional fields.


The program enables users to keep record of “leased” articles. For this purpose, users should maintain the list of clients, specifying the status of leased article, the dates of lease and planned and actual return of the article.

Storage Recording of Your Items

The program also lets you to keep articles in specific locations, including building, room, cabinet, and shelf. Having selected one location, the user can see a list of all the articles kept in this location.

Table Handling

All tables in the program can be easily and simply customized by the user - you can define which columns should be displayed, their order, width, and also choose the sorting of table contents.

All tables can be exported to CSV format, printed or saved as a PDF file.

Multiuser Program Principle

This program supports user identification. Each program user has its own login and password. All data changes are logged automatically by the program. The program allows you to track which user has added or changed the data. This logs the date and time of the changes, as well as full information about what has been changed.

The program can work with the local database, as well as with MySql central database. In the latter case several users can work with the program at the same time. When one user edits one object, it becomes available to other users in read-only mode.

Program Improvement According to Your Needs

The program works on the basis of the Temia Business Template (Java) developed component that provides reliable work of the program, and also enables to quickly modify the program under necessary users requirements without the heavy expenses. If you contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a program improvement estimate according to your needs.  © | Software for each requirement |imprint