Stock Accounting for Store and Warehouse

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If you want to simplify the inventory accounting of your shop and warehouse, use our program. The program will help you to keep accounts of your product range in easy manner. You will have a possibility to assign to each product its own number, name, to add necessary description, bar code and also to split your products into categories and subcategories. Also it is possible to add numerous categories such as status, different prices and unlimited number of photos.

It is possible to filter your products by any necessary criteria and look up them directly in the search field by specific feature. Among other things you can save the list of products in PDF-format, export it into CSV-format and to print.

Stockholding management

The function of easy changing the number of products in your warehouse will be also appreciated by you. To make the changing it is necessary to create a new supply with supplier data and required products. The products will be added to the warehouse automatically and the information about their direct location will be indicated. This function can be also performed by direct adding of the specific products, by changing and removing the existing ones in the dialog mode with stockholding. By doing so all the value parameters of the user are described in change history record of stockholding management. Some additional features can be defined for supplies, for example, outside and local number, status, suppliers, accounts, payment status and methods of payment.

Clients and suppliers catalogue

This program provides an easy way to add and browse the suppliers. In addition to the basic information about each supplier, you can also see his tax identification number, contact information, notes, photos and other details. The program allows you to make sorting of suppliers into various groups or adding status for them. All the mentioned functions are also can be applied to clients catalogues.

Easy way to browse the stockholdings

In the stockholding tab of the program it is allowed to browse the position, quantity of available products and the its price. Using the guiding function you can easy add, modify or remove some single elements, number, price or storage position.

Order management

The program has a special function – order list dialogue. You can add a new order into the list or modify the current one. It is possible to add to each order various documents such as account, commercial offer or order confirmation. Each order has its own status. The list of available status also can be modified by the user.

Personal documents

The program allows you to create easily your own bills of loading and invoices with the header and logo. The distance between lines and displayed columns you can set by yourself. If you want you can also use the ready-made available templates and the only thing to do is to enter your data. The program maintains different tax rates in invoices. The program automatically assigns a number to each document, or the numbers can be assigned manually.

Full review of products and documents

Using different variants of general view it is possible to display the contents of your warehouse by products categories or status. Also the full review of supplies and products is available. All this information can be displayed graphically over a special period of time.

Your data will never be lost

The next important peculiarity of the program is integrated back-up function that automatically indicates the possibility to back-up your data in the definitive period of time. Any of the created documents can be printed or saved in PDF-format.

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