Real Estate Management

Platform: Windows
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Price: 39,99 €

Platform: Mac OS
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The purpose of the program

The program is designed mostly for real estate agents and other specialists working with real estate. The program will facilitate routine operations on business records of real estate items for sale or for rent, incoming requests as well as clients’ database.

Real estate records

The program allows to easily add new real estate items. Each item can be categorized. The program already includes standard categories, such as a flat, a house, a garage. You can change or complete this list. Besides the category you can save any other type of data on real estate items, including pictures.

Record of requests

Besides real estate records you can keep the records of requests forwarded via telephone, e-mail or other channels. Each request includes information on who demonstrated their interest in an item and when. In the item tab you can look through all the requests related to this real estate item.

One more convenient program function is the option of keeping records of each visit of the real estate item by potential buyers or renters. The program includes a graphic calendar where you can add all the visits, setting all the necessary data. Each visit can have a certain status and (basing on this status) marked with different colours. The calendar colours as well as the possible statuses you can set by yourself. In the item tab you can look through all the visits related to this real estate item.

Clients’ records

Keeping your clients records you can set any type of possible data related to them – assign them a specific role (a buyer, a vendor, a landlord, a renter), specify their contact data, add scanned documents, introduce new fields etc.

In the «Search requests» tab you can add the needed criteria of the real estate items searched for by your clients. There you can also check your clients' search requests related to your items.  © | Software for each requirement |imprint