Vacancy Manager

Platform: Windows
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Price: 39,99 €

Platform: Mac OS
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"Vacancy Manager" software allows to easily register available vacancies as well as applicants for them. The system provides management of the database containing a list of employers, detailed information about them as well as a list of job applicants. For each employer and job applicant, any information can be specified: personal data, contact details, files of documents in different formats, logos, photos and many other things.

Working with list of vacancies

There is a list of vacancies in the software. Additional information can be added to each vacancy including requirements for applicants. A list of desired competencies can be added to each vacancy with the level of knowledge for each of them.

Any vacancy can have an applicant's CV added. The software automatically compares the applicant's competencies with the vacancy requirements and calculates the applicant's compliance according to 100% scale. This function allows to estimate the applicant and find out the most appropriate for the vacancy.

Extra functions

Protocols of contacts with applicants are kept in the software, they contain details of the vacancy, the applicant and the subject of the contact.

Scanned documents and files in any formats can be easily added to the software. So, you will be able to easily find documents corresponding to the vacancy or CVs at any time.

The software allows to print out vacancies, CVs and applicants' profiles. Also, you can print out data from tables or save it in PDF or CSV formats.

The software provides detailed statistics. It can be viewed by different categories as diagrams, graphs and tables.  © | Software for each requirement |imprint